Being online does not look like something to worry about it, but when you own a website, some unexpected events can turn your peaceful day (maybe in the Caribbean) into a freaking experience in front of your customers. Ideaweb offers you a range of Web-support services to rescue your site when it just needs a hand or yells desperately for help.

Some services are offered as preventive medicine, intended to keep your website in a healthy state. To save you a future headache, we back up all your database and files and keep it in a safe place if, for any reason, your valuable information gets lost. To prevent security issues, we update your plugins, verify their compatibility, upgrade your WordPress account, and do a general check to make sure everything is running smooth and safe for your users.

Also, we can help you if you want to move your site to a new hosting provider or just need a small tweak on your pages from time to time.

Other services are intended to fix problems when disaster arrives: has your site been down for hours and you don’t have any idea what is going on? Do you see an error when you try to load a page on your website? Have you lost access to your WordPress admin area and you have not even forgotten your user and password? Did a hacker delete all your content and leave you a bloody message with a flashing skull on the main page? It sounds unreal, but it happened to one of our customers.

As you can see, several issues could affect not only your website performance but also your corporate image. If you suspect that your site has one of the symptoms listed below or is not running the way is supposed to, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call or send us an email describing your issue. We will reply as soon as we can and find you a solution to get your site back to business.

List Of Services

  • Website backup
  • WordPress upgrade
  • Plugin updates
  • Content updates
  • Website tweaks and changes
  • E-mail signature design
  • E-mail hosting set up
  • Syntax error in WordPress
  • DNS conflicts
  • 500 internal server error
  • Google penalties
  • Hijacked domain
  • Server configuration
  • Website migration
  • Disaster recovery plan

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